Tuesday, August 4, 2009

L2P2 Thing 3

SKYPE I've done video conferencing in my classroom. The children and I enjoyed the experience, but it is very time consuming and not every child is engaged with the process. I like the idea of sharing information with other classes. Every year we get letters from various classes requesting information about being a third grader in Houston. It would be nice to share experiences.

L2P2 Thing 2

WORDLE There is nothing like color and visual interest to grab attention. I often have my students read an article from NASA or another internet site to focus the day's learning. Some third graders really struggle with the vocabulary even though they are able to understand the concepts. I'm really going to enjoy using Wordle to introduce the vocabulary for the day and start great classroom discussions.

VOICE THREAD WOW! Voice Thread will be a great collaborative tool for the classroom. I can see students using this as a final project for a research project or as a way to have different classes give input into student learning. I really learned a great way to use voice thread from “Letters from the Internment Camps” found on the Voice Thread blog. The class from Prairie Elementary used it as a way to demonstrate comprehension of the information they received from a classroom speaker and receive feedback from a man who had lived in the internment camp. Voice Thread has the potential to be a powerful classroom tool.

ANIMOTO This is lots of fun! I spent the most time choosing music. This decision might slow down a class. There are plenty of ways a class could use this: back to school night, sharing projects, making a thank you card for speakers, a visual bulletin board, a jazzy focus as students enter the room. This could keep the room hoppin’!

BOOKR This is a great visual scrapbook! Is there a way to keep your post private? That would make a great difference in how I could use this in the class. As it is, it makes a great way to share research information in a visual format.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thing 1 L2P2

The Networked Student-The Video is a great overview of how to guide students to and through connected learning. As I watched the video, I mentally tried to adapt this for third grade students who come from various technological backgrounds. Points that I find the most relevant to this age group are: evaluating sources; using the school's (district's) data base and Google scholar; perhaps a class social bookmarking site; and the use of m3p players. I found this video to challenge me to best practices as it guided me through the process. Thanks for sharing this!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thing 23

Yippee ! I made it!!!

My favorite Thing is not an individual item, but knowing that I have a little better idea of how the www is being used. I feel much more up to date and with it. There was only one “Thing” that was not for me: cataloging my personal library. Everything else seemed very relevant. It's great to know that online learning is something I enjoy. It has great possibilities for my future.

Ever since I took my first computer course at Region IV and they gave us a screwdriver and had us dismantle an Apple II, I have enjoyed using computers. However, I had reached a plateau. I’m so glad I took this class. It has helped me to keep climbing the mountain range.

One word: Inspiring

One sentence: This was a great way to learn about all the wonderful software loaded on the new laptops!

Thing 22

Nings are interesting! I like the way the site is organized into folders so it is easy to navigate. Just like every other social site whether online or in person, there were people relating thoughtfully and those that were just unloading frustrations. Over all, I think it would be fun to join a group and learn from a wider group of people.

Thing 21

It's amazing! The video finally posted to my blog. According to the help page, the site has intermittent problems uploading videos. I couldn't get the video to load using Firefox so I switched to Microsoft Explorer. It took two tries, but it finally worked. I don't think I'll be having students post their videos until the process gets sorted out. However, I really enjoyed making the Photostory video and think my students will, too. It's a great hook for reluctant writers.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thing 20

50 States and Capitals

I like the variety of topics available on TeacherTube and YouTube. It's simple to search for a video that will enhance a lesson or give me a quick tutorial. There are a lot of clever people who have make their work available.